Wednesday, December 29, 2021

2021: The Sketchbook

Here are the top favorites from the Sketchbook this year.

No. 5 - A major concern for some folks this fall was what it would be like to go back to working in the office after working at home for so long. At least for us here, that didn't happen.

 No. 4 - As we enter year 2 of the Great Pandemic, its influence is still felt in the comics.

No. 3 - Sometimes there's nothing better than a visual pun. Other times, there are lots of things that are better! I really should have used the word "sluggish" though.

No. 2 - This was one of my favorites, even if it happens almost every week!

No. 1 - Not everyone in the United States celebrates Independence Day the same way.

 Come back tomorrow for the Runners-up to this year's Top Ten!

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