Monday, December 27, 2021

Sketchbook: Seeking for the Church

This was us yesterday. If we get snow here in the valley, it's usually just a couple of inches at best. That's enough to wreak havoc. 

Our snow is also more wet than snow in Utah, for example, so it makes the roads a little more slick. And we live in the hills, so ice and slick roads means that things close down way more often than I would expect being a native Utahn.

Yesterday we had at least four inches of snow by the time church was supposed to start. And the forecast was for snow all day. Our stake quickly decided that this was a Sunday to have church at home. I was OK with that — I was scheduled to speak this week. It's a lot easier to do that at home!

We have snow and cold temperatures in the forecast for the rest of the week. It should be exciting for us!

Speaking of exciting times, we start our annual year end review countdown on Wednesday! Be sure to check back for highlights of this past year!

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