Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good Heavens!

Good Heavens was a strip I tried several years ago. It was different from most of the stuff I'd been doing, and I cranked it out on a whim. It still makes me laugh!

It didn't occur to me then, but after all the misinformation that came out about Mormons when Mitt was running and the brouhaha and confusion stemming from the FLDS mess in Texas, I wonder if the fact that I was pedaling a strip about Heaven from a return address in Provo had anything to do with the big syndicates passing on it...might put some weird stuff 'bout them Mormons in there! Gasp!

As you'll see, this certainly wasn't a vehicle for pushing any doctrine. I was just looking for some jokes. After all, Heaven can be a funny place. People are dying to get in!

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