Friday, January 9, 2009

Special guest artist: Dale Kilbourn

Yep, Zach got his call. Tempe, Arizona. Yee-hah!

This was one that The New Era bought a long, long time ago when a lot of my older friends started getting their calls. The same feeling seems to be true even today! Of course, when I got my call, I had to telephone all my friends and family to let them know when and where I was going. Zach covered just about everybody with one blast text message and a posting on his Facebook!


  1. hey, it's your cousin Jonena in Phoenix. I am in the Tempe West stake and looking forward to Elder Beckstrom in my nieghborhood. When is he coming?

  2. He leaves for the Tempe sunshine on March 24! Keep an eye out for him, will you?