Wednesday, December 28, 2011

No keys for you!

All the safety ads tell people to have a designated driver. Wouldn't it be safer to have a designated drinker?


  1. I'm not minimizing anything here.
    This year I have been on a campaign.

    *_When going to a party or event. Look left. Look right. Find that one person, and designate them the drinker. That way your family will like you better the next day. There will be no praying to the porcelain prince. You get home safely. No jail time, No looking stupid._*

    Participate in the campaign and there will be far fewer drunks on the road. If everyone would stop and give these words thought it would make a huge difference, but people won't. Without encouragement. Encourage them, please.

  2. BTW, thank you for this. It is a great visual.