Sunday, December 18, 2011

Special doubleheader: Hung with care; dnt txt n fly

Tomorrow Beckstrom Buzz starts retelling the story of the Nativity, so as a special bonus -- a Christmas present, if you will -- I'm adding a special Sunday edition of the Monday Sketchbook in addition to our regularly scheduled cartoon.

Thank you for your patience.

What kind of goodies do you think Santa would put in an old, sweaty gym sock? I don't think I want to know!

With the call for banning the use of all handheld devices while driving, I got to wondering what would happen if Santa got distracted while messing around with his iPhone?

Mini-editorial: One of the most effective PSAs I saw on this subject showed broken cell phones that displayed the last message the driver texted before being involved in a fatal crash. The tagline was something like: "Is this a message worth dying for?"

You can see my contribution to the conversation here.

Travel safely this holiday season, whatever mode of transportation you use!

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