Thursday, December 28, 2017

2017 Countdown: The Others

As you may know, I have three other cartoon blogs that I run, although they've been a little less active this year due to a variety of reasons. I'm hopeful that will pick up in the coming year.

Sis. Kerry Jo's Mission Blog
Sis. Kerry Jo has been home for a while now, but she's been catching up on stories that she couldn't, or didn't have time to tell. Here are three of the more popular strips from Kerry Jo:

...and ripped from the headlines:

Many of Zarahemla Times' storylines from this year also reflected today's headlines. 

I like Good Heavens because it marches to its own drummer; I can do things in it that I can't do in my other strips. 

And this one was actually one of the top cartoons overall. It ran in the summer after the hurricanes and other disasters, followed by the news that Tom Petty had died. It was a lot for us to collectively handle!

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