Friday, December 29, 2017

2017 Countdown: The Sketchbook

The Sketchbook is for those ideas that don't quite rise to the level of making it to a full-fledged cartoon — for whatever reason. Sometimes they graduate to the next level... but usually not!

Here are the tops from last year.

First, in the permanent top spot are my General Conference sketchnotes. This one is from October, in which Elder Zwick (my former boss) quoted one of my favorite movies (The Lion King).

Normally I run the Top Five but we had a tie, so here are the top six.

No. 6 is also related to General Conference.

I wasn't the only one who had a good time with the Shakespearean turkeys.

 Faith in every footstep, right?
This one may just graduate to toonhood.
And No. 1: I think we've all felt this way!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the runners up to the 2017 Top Ten!

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