Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Countdown: The Top Ten, part I

Once again, here are my top cartoons from the past year as determined by a precise adjudicating system that leaves a lot of room for judgment.

No. 10
This cartoon from January foreshadowed the third hour curriculum change that goes into effect next year. After all, cartoons from the New Era and Conference talks are practically the same thing, right?

No. 9
Zombies and missionaries seem to be featured in a lot of my cartoons for some odd reason. Here’s what happens when you combine the two!

No. 8
One thing that I learned quickly as a missionary: never mess with the sisters.

No. 7
Who knew that turkeys and Shakespeare would go together so well? This Thanksgiving series was appreciated by a lot of folks.

No. 6
This was ripped from the headlines and resonated with a lot of readers. We had a long, hot, dry summer in the Pacific Northwest. That led to a lot of wildfires across the region, and a lot of smoke. There was a lot of rejoicing when the first drops of rain finally fell!

Tomorrow — the rest of the Top Ten! Be safe out there.

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