Sunday, October 12, 2008


Remember Lisa Owens? Apparently she has a sister, Christi. She suggested drawing this incident from her life. Thank you for the thought. Do y'all have any other crazy sibs?

Post script: Since this incident, Christi has added two more children, bringing the total to nine!

For the Gee Whiz File: Don't tell Ben, but Sam has a cameo in this one!


  1. Thank you Kevin - I Love It!! You captured the craziness I went through week after week and the look on her/my face is perfect.

    I realized after I wrote you that I actually had 8 kids at that point, Donny served in the Bishopric for 5 1/2 years then he was called to the High Council just weeks after number 9 came along. Dejvue.
    We have to give it up to all those mothers who are going through the same situation. Hang in there sisters! :-)

    And as for more ideas we have plenty. LOL

  2. Okay another funny. My parents Elder & Sister Tanner were call up the church office building for a two week project, then found themselfs serving a 18 month mission in the Temple Dept. They were than extanded for another 18 months. So what was to be a two week project ended up being a 3 year mission. I have a great picture that I would like to email to you (my email is them standing in front of the Salt Lake Temple with a sign that says "I am not extending".

    Their words - "We were walking through the plaza the other day and saw someone taking a picture of a senior single sister missionary. When we got closer we could see that she was holding a sign, and when we read what it said, we asked her if we could borrow it and have someone take our picture."

    It's great!!