Sunday, June 13, 2010

By their fruits ye shall know them

For those of you who may have been brought here through the link on the "Renew America" website, I invite you to read for yourself the Church's official statement on political neutrality, or watch the video. That and other, factual information is available through the Church's online newsroom.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled (and copyrighted) cartoon, which isn't political at all!

1 comment:

  1. Interesting that the cartoon they swiped was called, "By their fruits ye shall know them." After I added the links to the LDS Church website, they removed my cartoon and stole one from one of my cartooning buddies. Only this time rather than linking, they embedded the cartoon -- and stripped out the copyright notice! He called them on it, and they removed his cartoon as well, replacing it with one by a political cartoonist with subject matter that was actually on topic with the story.

    Methinks, judging by their fruits, Renew America isn't really that interested in the truth.